There are many affiliate marketing plans that do not take the time to teach you step by step how to recreate the successful campaigns that they have used to become rich.  My First Teleseminar is different because it takes you through an eight week training course, by the end of which you will know the language and skills that you need to host and promote successful teleseminars in your niche.  In addition, you will get resources such as html based copy and paste templates that you can use to get started and promote your teleseminars and related products.
My First Teleseminar jump starts you into the system by giving you some quckstart steps to take in order to schedule and promote your first teleseminar.  It then teaches you how to host that first teleseminar so that you can feel comfortable as a public speaker, even if that has never been your forte in the past.  During the following six weeks of the My First Teleseminar training system, you will learn more in-depth techniques that will enable you to market more effectively, ensure attendance at the seminars, and follow up with clients to Click Here To Download Your Free Teleseminar Guide 
You might think that a system like this that trains you from the beginning with videos, audio recordings, screenshots, templates and more would cost hundreds of dollars, especially considering that it will make you thousands of dollars once you learn how to use it.  Instead, you can get started for free with the CD of the first week’s lessons and then decide if you want to continue with the course.  The course itself is only two payments of $27, one of which is withdrawn at the start of the second week of classes, and the second of which is drawn going into the second month of classes.  Cancel at any time for a full refund if you are not satisfied.