Blogging is one of those internet phenomenon’s that everyone wants to be a part of, yet few people truly understand the work that goes into building a successful blog. A blogging mentor can be invaluable.
With so many amateur bloggers out there struggling to bring in ever one hundred dollars per month, it’s no surprise that many people have declared the blogging gold rush to be a false dream.

However, with all this criticism coming from people that haven’t yet made their fortune blogging, it’s clear that this isn’t a full picture of the blogging industry.

When you look at the habits and mindsets of the most successful bloggers, you notice that it’s not such a dry well after all.

There’s a saying for advice seekers that’s highly popular amongst entrepreneurs — “take advice from those whom you respect and admire.”

When you apply this principle to the blogging community, it’s easy to see which voices are most worth listening to.

Suddenly, the endless chatter of the amateur bloggers disappears, and you’re left with just the information that the most successful bloggers are putting out.

This is the mindset that you need to be in to truly achieve with your blog.

The thing is, even with this information flowing straight to you, it’s easy to fall victim to complacency.

It’s a funny truth of human psychology; once we’ve accessed the good stuff, we often use it to trick ourselves into thinking that we’re working on something deceptively big.

When we’ve got constant access to the most important blogging information, we often give up and tell ourselves that we’ve already made it.

In the end, this often pushes us further from the blogging success that we were coming close to.

Instead of harnessing the information that was right in front of us, we use it to convince ourselves that we’re already there.

This is where the importance of a blogging mentor comes in — to push you to truly achieve what you can with your blog and become one of those influential and highly successful bloggers yourself.

These mentors can be familiar faces or brand-new acquaintances, paid or unpaid, and blog on any subject you may want. They must share one characteristic: they’ve succeeded on their own.

So, when you’re looking to maximize your blogging exposure and potential, don’t go to the failed blogger for advice.

You’ll likely never get what you need and end up disillusioned and unhappy.

Instead, go straight to the source and find a highly successful blogger to help you along your journey.

Be careful with this strategy, as the wrong approach can put the blogger off helping you.

Instead of just throwing yourself at them, explain what you can bring to the table, and how it can help them.

This is how you frame the situation in your favor and create the guidance that you need to build your very own blogging empire.

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