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Is A Blogger Mentor Necessary?

Blogging is one of those internet phenomenon’s that everyone wants to be a part of, yet few people truly understand the work that goes into building a successful blog. A blogging mentor can be invaluable.
With so many amateur bloggers out there struggling to bring in ever one hundred dollars per month, it’s no surprise that many people have declared the blogging gold rush to be a false dream.

However, with all this criticism coming from people that haven’t yet made their fortune blogging, it’s clear that this isn’t a full picture of the blogging industry.

When you look at the habits and mindsets of the most successful bloggers, you notice that it’s not such a dry well after all.

There’s a saying for advice seekers that’s highly popular amongst entrepreneurs — “take advice from those whom you respect and admire.”

When you apply this principle to the blogging community, it’s easy to see which voices are most worth listening to.

Suddenly, the endless chatter of the amateur bloggers disappears, and you’re left with just the information that the most successful bloggers are putting out.

This is the mindset that you need to be in to truly achieve with your blog.

The thing is, even with this information flowing straight to you, it’s easy to fall victim to complacency.

It’s a funny truth of human psychology; once we’ve accessed the good stuff, we often use it to trick ourselves into thinking that we’re working on something deceptively big.

When we’ve got constant access to the most important blogging information, we often give up and tell ourselves that we’ve already made it.

In the end, this often pushes us further from the blogging success that we were coming close to.

Instead of harnessing the information that was right in front of us, we use it to convince ourselves that we’re already there.

This is where the importance of a blogging mentor comes in — to push you to truly achieve what you can with your blog and become one of those influential and highly successful bloggers yourself.

These mentors can be familiar faces or brand-new acquaintances, paid or unpaid, and blog on any subject you may want. They must share one characteristic: they’ve succeeded on their own.

So, when you’re looking to maximize your blogging exposure and potential, don’t go to the failed blogger for advice.

You’ll likely never get what you need and end up disillusioned and unhappy.

Instead, go straight to the source and find a highly successful blogger to help you along your journey.

Be careful with this strategy, as the wrong approach can put the blogger off helping you.

Instead of just throwing yourself at them, explain what you can bring to the table, and how it can help them.

This is how you frame the situation in your favor and create the guidance that you need to build your very own blogging empire.

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Need Help Starting Your Blog?

Starting a blog can be a difficult and confusing experience, with the level of choice and customisability out there trapping newbie users into a world of excess choice and difficult decisions. Although it’s something that often causes a lot of stress and worry, it’s also an experience that creates a great deal of excitement for newbie bloggers. There’s the feeling that things aren’t ever going to be the same — your thoughts are no longer yours alone, and are now broadcast to the world. Instead of falling into the same habits of stress and frustration, it’s possible to bypass the most difficult technical parts of starting a blog and instead focus on your content right from the get go.

How can you do this? Well, it’s possible to learn the basic of blogging in just a few minutes, without any experimentation or testing on your part. How many times have you found yourself stuck in front of a new computer program with no guidance or instruction? It’s something that we’ve all had to overcome at some point, and the feeling of having wasted time learning something that you’ll never have to again use is frustrating and annoying. Don’t let yourself fall victim to the newbie bloggers dilemma, instead use the resources and guidance available to minimise the stress and difficulty associated with the initial steps of blogging and get your blog on the road as fast as you can.

This is all made possible by the incredible information provided as part of this free report, available free of charge to any newbie blogger. We were all beginner bloggers once, just like you, so we know how annoying the situation can be. We also know exactly what information is the most valuable and helpful to a newbie blogger, and what information can safely be ignored or disregarded. Let’s face it: there’s a massive amount of blogging advice out there that simply doesn’t help, or even amplifies the confusion that this investment in new technology brings on. This report is no nonsense, easy to read, and filled to the brim with useful, relevant information for newbie bloggers and experienced bloggers alike.

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Are you ready to skip the superficial parts and jump right into the drivers seat of your blog, ready to produce the best content possible? This free report will help you get there. Compiled using information and advice from highly experienced bloggers, this short report will help you get on your way to massive blogging success.

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3 Reasons To Start A Blog

Blogs have truly taken the world by storm, creating a massive online content network, building journalism and writing careers for thousands of successful bloggers, and rapidly changing industries such as print journalism and book publishing. With the massive success of many blogs, and the large scale industry and world changes that have happened as a result of their development and influence, it’s high time for everyone that truly has a voice to create a blog and keep it regularly. While many people want to start a blog, very few actually take that first step and jump into the world of blogging. This guide is designed to do two things; provide reasons to start a blog, and to push you into the world of blogging.

#1 – You’ll improve and refine your writing skills.
With the massive shift in the global economy, it’s now possible for someone located 10,000 miles away, in China or India, to take the jobs that were once limited only to highly educated, English native, university graduates. With this shift in the worldwide labour market, there have been many smaller changes. It’s not harder and harder for many graduates, and even non-graduates, to find a position. Blogging allows you to improve your most valuable employment currency: your communications skills.

#2 – You’ll gain personal exposure.
Blogs are a phenomenal self-marketing tool. Whether you’re looking to brand yourself as a professional, or merely highlight your abilities to potential employers, creating a blog gives you a chance to share your voice with the world. With employers eager to differentiate between their potential employees, a well maintained blog could be the step that pushes you into the position that you’ve always wanted.

#3 – Blogs help you connect with other influential people, and learn from their experiences.
Many people are hesitant to start a blog because they don’t want other people to see what they’re writing. In many ways this argument is the worst reason not to start a blog, and in fact one of the best reasons to start one. When you put yourself out there, you put yourself alongside thousands of other influential public figures that have put in the same dedication and decisions as you have. Connect with these valuable people and you can build a knowledge bank and Rolodex of connections that will allow you to create massive online success.

If these three reasons aren’t enough for you to jump into the world of online writing and start your blog, then you’ll surely find some more once you observe the dynamics and returns associated with the blog world. With many bloggers making massive money, connections, and influence online, it’s certainly a lucrative industry to enter if you’re got the creative spark, determination, and ability to keep your blog up and running.

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Make Money Blogging from the Comfort of Your Home

Have you ever tried blogging? While many find it
exhilarating and exciting, others find it dull and
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That’s no exaggeration either. Many top bloggers
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That’s because they aren’t blogging and they have
something to sell. Blogging is bigger than ever,
and it is the way most companies advertise.

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It’s amazing how easy it is to become a top blogger.

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There are many platforms to blog on, but the biggest
is definitely Wordpress. Wordpress allows you to
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Need Some Help With Your SEO Campaign?

No matter what type of internet marketer you are, a thorough and detailed SEO plan is one of the most important steps towards creating the kind of exposure and traffic that you need. With so many providers out there ready to take your hard earned money in exchange for questionable promises, the business of setting up your SEO campaign can become tough and complicated. Whether you’re searching for an SEO firm, looking at software for SEO purposes, or just surveying the best online marketing options, a great set of tools and software can revolutionise your business’ marketing campaigns. Don’t leave SEO to change; use powerful tools and systems to make it truly work for you.

Ever wondered how the pros do SEO? Here’s a hint: it’s not imprecise. While SEO may seem like a wild jungle to the beginner, when you’ve mastered the fundamentals it will present itself like any game you can dominate. Know the rules and you know your limits. Know your limits and you can plan out exactly what you need. Once you intuitively understand the rules and principles of SEO, you can maximise your SEO inputs (both time and money) to make your search engine marketing efforts work for you.

By utilising a combination of SEO software and tools, and your own human intuition and creativity, you can create a masterful search engine marketing powerhouse. Forget the false promises of SEO agencies, just make the most of your intuitive and innovative software, and let yourself focus on the big picture alone. This free report, written with both the beginner and intermediate SEO practitioner in mind, is jam-packed full of information, advice, and strategies for maximum SEO success, search engine exposure, and uber-targeted traffic. No matter what level you consider yourself, this free report can help you get the results that you need from your SEO campaign.

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So, are you ready to see your traffic, earnings, and business interest shoot right up? Whether you’re an online entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, or online service provider, SEO is the perfect form of uber-targeted traffic for your business website. You truly can’t afford to neglect something so essential, so make sure that your SEO campaign doesn’t do your business short. With this free report, you can craft, optimise, and refine your SEO campaign to create the best online presence possible.

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Traffic System Made Easy

What’s the one thing a webmaster needs to focus on when he wants his website to become a success? It’s not the graphics on the website, it’s not the code and it’s not even the website’s content. The main thing a webmaster should be focused on is traffic. That’s the one thing that’s been the toughest for me so far. I created a website but nobody seems to want to visit the darned thing. No matter how many sites I link my website to, no matter how many people I tell and how many signs I post around town; I just can’t seem to get my traffic where I want it. So what do I do?

Well, I heard about this thing called ETS. ETS stands for Easy Traffic Steps. Sounds great, right? It is a system that promises to get me the traffic I want for my website. All I need to do is read the information, follow the steps and my website will be a success. It sounds too good to be true but there are many testimonials from people who have used ETS and they’ve all seen their traffic go through the roof. If they can do it, I’m sure I can do it.

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I can only imagine sitting back while traffic just floods to my site. That’s always been my dream and after reading through the ETS information, I’m sure I can do it. Supposedly, the steps are easy enough that anyone can do them. I learned what not to do, as in what most people do that fails to get them the traffic they desire. I’m trying ETS and I’ll get back to you when I get the results back.

Talk to you all in a few.

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Traffic Turbo Report

How Are You Doing With SEO?

Tired of pouring valuable time and money into your Google SEO campaign only to find that it gets your business nowhere, and fast?

With Google being the mega-giant of the online search world, it’s easy to believe that the world of search begins and ends there.

Many beginner marketers spend the majority of their resources on Google, and minimize their commitments elsewhere.

The wise marketers are focusing on SEO possibilities that other search engines can provide, and almost ignoring Google entirely.

How can this possibly help your business? With Google playing such a pivotal role in online search, it’s not difficult to think that it’s the most important place for your business to be.

It is a highly valuable search engine to rank on, but it’s not the end of the world for your business to go somewhere else.

With Google being so massively competitive, you can often get a better ROI on other search engines.

With less effort and expenses you can easily dominate the online search rankings and maximize your conversions.

Ever used Yahoo and Bing? Or course you have.

While they’re not the giant search engines that Google is, they have impressive market share and a loyal base of searchers that continually use them.

Not only this, the non-Google search engines often have higher converting traffic, significantly different demographics, and an audience with remarkably higher disposable income than most of the Google-sphere.

If you want to truly target the most important customers, it’s often beneficial to look outside of Google.

This free report explains both the reasons to look outside of Google for your search engine optimization campaigns.

  • The benefits that other search providers can offer.
  • The best way to get around search engine loopholes and rules.

When you need to build a great SEO campaign, be original and remarkable.

Pushing your resources outside of Google, can help you achieve just that.

Don’t run with the crowd, have your marketing campaign stand out on its own and lead your business to massive online earnings.

This free report explains all you need to know, and is concise and easy for any marketer to read.

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These same strategies have been used to gain number one rankings on Yahoo, Bing, and other leading search engines.

You can produce massive conversions and long-term customers simply by appealing to different search demographics outside of Google.

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Fortune 500 Companies Need YOU!

Have you ever wondered how the leading companies of today could target their audiences and refine their products so precisely?
How can they achieve such intense domination of even the most difficult and unpredictable markets, and make it all look so easy?
The secrets of Fortune 500 research and development strategy don’t fall on the shoulders of the super-rich executives, or even the slick and stylish advertising reps.
They’re found within each one of us; yes, ordinary consumers with a vast amount of product experience.

Product experience doesn’t sound that specific, and it’s not something that you can learn at a university.
It’s a feel for what works and what doesn’t, and an intuition for what would succeed with us and what wouldn’t.
You don’t need to know much about marketing or advertising, but you need to know exactly what you like.
More importantly, you need to know exactly what you don’t like.

How great does that sound? A job where you voice your opinion to major companies?
Want to truly change the face of business today — this is your chance.
Major companies are desperate to learn more about their customers.
This means a massive amount of money can be made with online surveys.
Simply by voicing your opinion on major consumer products, you can:
Save Fortune 500 companies thousands of dollars
Earn hundreds of dollars per hour for yourself
Want to get started in the highly lucrative online survey field?
This free report, compiled using information made available by successful survey takers and the high-profile companies themselves.
This is the information you need to get started on your way to massive survey success.
With advice and guides for every form of online survey imaginable, this report will save you time and stress when you’re deciding how to craft your online survey strategy.

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Ready to start? Just check out this free report to take your first step into the lucrative world of online surveys.
Don’t worry — it’s totally free, and full of some of the most valuable information for online workers and survey gurus.
Don’t let yourself get lost in the massive world of online surveys, check out this report and set yourself down the road towards an online income from customer surveys.

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Ready To Become An Online Success Story?

You’ve undoubtedly heard about them: the millionaire internet innovators that spent their time crafting a powerful business instead of spending hour after hour at a day job. Whether you read their stories and shook them off, or were inspired and motivated by their success, it’s no doubt how effective and powerful they’ve become. While the internet has previously been the domain of mystery and little earnings, nowadays it’s becoming a lucrative earnings tool for those with the dedication, intelligence and innovative senses to invest their time in it.

With just a small amount of smart work, you too can become one of those innovative marketers. Instead of slaving away working for someone else, you can spend your time creating an online income that works for you, bringing in affiliate commissions day and night, week after week, and year after year. How is this possible? By applying powerful marketing strategies and tactics to the many affiliate products available out there, you can create an online empire that you control — not a domineering job that controls you.

It’s all about lifestyle. While traditional jobs can satisfy the bills, they’re ultimately limiting and constricting for those that have to spend their time in the office. Instead of sitting at a desk for ten hours a day, the most successful and innovative internet marketers spend their time enjoying themselves, planning their major campaigns, and enjoying the freedom that self employment allows. It’s not about slaving hour after hour for no real gain, it’s about building an empire that brings in funds 24/7.

How can you get started as an internet marketer? While there are masses of information out there on internet marketing, all too many are bogus advertising hype designed to bring in dollars rather than impart any real advice. Often the best advice is free of charge, and rests in the decades of marketing information that we’ve already digested. This free report combines the wisdom of marketing strategy with the specific, practical information that any internet marketer needs to hear.

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So don’t just sit back and think that you’ll never make it. The world for affiliate marketers is getting better and better, with more and more products becoming available and greater marketing methods and techniques being refined every day. By applying the knowledge, advice, and information in this free report, you can join the internet success stories, and leave a life of frustration and money troubles behind.

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Do You Want An Online Income Stream?

Do you want to create an online income stream that keeps you out of the red and with a packed wallet every weekend? With traditional employers tightening their belts and moving away from big pay packages, searching within the standard channels is as good as looking for money in the gutter. The answer doesn’t rest with big business, or even small offline business. To truly create a lucrative income, you need to look online.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative and powerful online industries. With millions of dollars in sales every week, there are affiliate marketers out there raking in the cash without the worries and stresses of a 9-5-day job. Whether you’re looking forward to leaving your boring job in the dust, or looking for a replacement income for your lost position, affiliate marketing is the answer that you’ve been waiting for.

Don’t worry — this isn’t a field that required a marketing degree or an MBA. With the information available out there, now is a better time than ever to get started towards a future in affiliate marketing. With just a small amount of research and time invested, you can be on the way towards a less stressful, more profitable future. Don’t think that it’s impossible — instead, focus on achieving those goals and cutting through the nonsense.

This free report is the best place to look for beginner’s advice, fundamentals principles, and strategies for maximizing your internet marketing abilities. Whether you’re a beginner internet user, experienced marketer, or someone with extensive business experience, you’ll find some valuable information and advice within this free report.

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Creating a stress-free online income is a dream for many people, and while few have the guts to make it a reality, those who do are incredibly happy and enjoy the extra freedom and income that it creates for them. By using the simple strategies within this report, you can leave the stress of the rat race behind and maximize your lifestyle and income.

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